Dimitris is a Composer and Sound Designer who grew up in Mykonos Island, Greece. He is now based in Boston, MA.His work as a composer for media combines material from acoustic and orchestral music with heavily processed sounds and electronic elements. He is obsessed with modular synths and any form of sound manipulation. “I find transforming everyday sounds into musical context very intriguing”.


Dimitris’ interest in music was sparked by the piano at the age of 6. He went on to receive diplomas from the London College of Music in classical piano and modern harmony. He also studied jazz piano and theory under the guidance of composer/performer Stavros Lantsias. A multi-instrumentalist now (piano/synths, guitar, turntables and bouzouki), Dimitris has credits as a singer, producer and performer with numerous bands in styles ranging from folk to electronic music and hip-hop.He worked with acclaimed Greek hip-hop act “Active Member” for 3 years and hosted a radio show on Blahsphemy Webradio for 2 years.Dimitris scored music for short films “Hang Up”, “Flesh Eaters” and for the documentary “Sky High” by Newfangled Studios.He also wrote music and did sound design for video games “Ouroboros”, “D.A.D.O.E.H.”, “Code Feline” and for the contemporary dance performance “Ma Peur Noire”.


Dimitris is currently a student in Berklee College of Music majoring in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design. Remote Control Productions offered him an Internship starting Spring 2015.

About the Music Composer

Dimitris Mann

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