About the Protagonist

Antonis Katsaris was born in Famagusta, Cyprus, in 1943. He studied theatre at the Athens School of Drama and at Karolos Koun school of Theatre and Art, as well as dance at Koulas Pratsika School of Dance. He has been working in both theatre and films since 1964 and has also directed a number of plays in Greece and Cyprus.



Katsaris has been twice the recipient of the Best Male Performer award of the Theatrical Organization of Cyprus (THOC, 2009-2010 & 2010-2011) and twice for Best Supporting Actor (by the Greek Ministry of Culture). Additionally, he received the "Tefkros Anthias, Theodosis Pierides" award for Social Contribution.


Work as an actor:

1964-1969: Greek Art Theatre of Karolos Koun. Athens, Greece.

1969-1981: Cyprus Broadcast Corboraton (CYBC), Theatre Theatrical Organization of Cyprus (Th.O.C) Nicosia, Cyprus.

1981-1991: Several Theaters in Athens, Greece.1991-Present: Theatrical Organization of Cyprus (Th.O.C) Nicosia, Cyprus. Freelance work for short and feature films. 



Antonis Katsaris


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