About the film

Austerity is a short narrative film that takes place in Athens, Greece and its theme revolves around the sociopolitical issue of the financial crisis as well as the way it can affect people on a personal level. The plot is inspired by the public, conscious and motivated suicide of pensioner Dimitris Christoulas in the main square of Athens, on the morning of April 4th, 2012. Austerity is not however based on the pensioner's actual life. 


The story follows a man who tries to adjust and survive within times of severe financial crisis, until he decides to have his own personal uprising. It's a story about the preservation of personal dignity and mental strength, which are being tested in times of austerity. 


Austerity, has won 7 awards thus far, and has been officially selected to screen at a number of international festivals such as the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, the Raindance Film Festival in London, the Edmonton International Film Festival in Canada, and the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida among others.


The Impact of Austerity 

"As a filmmaker, I set two goals for my narrative productions: to create feelings of empathy and humanity in the viewers, while at the same time shed some light on social and personal issues. Through Austerity I intent to do just that. 


The film deals not only with the general subject of the economic crisis that exists in different countries of Europe at the moment, but above all with how that problem affects the individual. Through this fictional story inspired by real events, I aim to raise awareness on the personal dramas of the everyday people and their trials within these financially difficult times. Hopefully the audience will empathize and understand the hardships caused by the depression and enforced regulations such as the austerity measures, which are completely out of the common citizen's control."

Renos Gavris